Hello! I’m Teodora! 

 BestWorkingMom is about me, a proud mom of twins, with a great lust for life.

This is my personal blog, my tiny place where I sneak from time to time … to hear my thoughts.  

My biggest will is to make a living by staying at home, with my family, doing things that I love, to find new niches for everyday life.

I started this project with the desire to make a big change in terms of our children’s future, their education and their free play time, but also to enjoy our lives, with all its challenges. I want to show you that, even with full-time jobs and a house to keep, there are plenty of ways of spending good and quality time with kids, traveling and work at the same time, being organized and setting goals every day. Precisely herein lies the beauty of life, noise, toys, work, and fun.

Being a mother of twins, it’s not just awesome, it’s clearly the most challenging thing that can happen!

I share with you our tremendous way of living with kids and how we refresh our state of mind! I’m the kind of person who needs diversity all the time, I get bored too quickly and I love to explore the world in any circumstances. 

I’m lucky to have a husband and a best friend in one single person. Yes! We feel like every day is given to be the most precious. So we try to be present in every moment of our twins life.

I’m here, to share the moments I have lived through and continue to live since I became a mother.

Everything you’ll find in BestWorkingMom is from my own experience.

I chose to create this blog because of all the issues I’ve gathered over time about my person. 

A name we all have, what we leave behind through creation, of any kind, acquisition, inheritance or anything else, makes us different.

I wanted to find out more from life, everything and suddenly. I’ve always hit a wall, my own creation, beautiful and elegant, from which I could not detach myself.

Finding out my own person, my identity, did not give me peace. It was like a puzzle in my brain, a puzzle that could not be solved, with no clue.

I want to tell you about how I see life as a mother, about babies, and how they turn into children. I watched every step closely, neither obsessive nor passive.

Patience deserves all the effort.

I wanted to discover the world, to see the world through their eyes, to enjoy and take advantage of the most trivial moments that I do not care about before.

I learned to be grateful, more than ever, for everything that happens to me, how to sort the responsibilities, depending on priority, what I am capable of doing in moments of crisis, when you suddenly feel like you have powers you do not know, about the choices I’ve made and I have assumed; about all the moments when I used to say: ok, so far it was me!, no more, that’s enough!, and about how I discovered, in the end, what I have to do with my life! 

My twins taught me how to love my whole being.

Unique moments, moments you no longer meet, special moments that if you do not take advantage, pass without learning anything from them. Time is no longer as good a friend as we can afford the luxury of losing it.

So … fewer worries for the future and more interest for the now.

Time flows softly by, childhood is the shortest period in the life of an adult. So we try every day to gain the best moments of our time.


My best motto since I become a mom to twins:

 „At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is who had the most fun!”  

Too much truth! BestWorkingMom

Keep it real!