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Let’s play! The best way of learning!

The child learns how to take care of himself. Let him play and take his life into his own hands! Let the child discover the environment by himself.

From the beginning, a baby is in continuous learning. First, a baby plays. She learns to eat, to talk, to walk, to communicate.

The play is the best way to learn for the child.

Me and my children used to play hide and seek very often, this is their favorite game, among other things.

Their eyes are sparkling when they play, so, I see how much it means to be there, with them, in their skin. I noticed that they need very little of anything to enjoy. Taking this into account, I realize that we are too busy with our daily activities and forget to see the beautiful things around us. 

No matter how tired or sad I am, they change my mood without much effort, they just smile (or cry 🙂 ). They know how to play, they were born to play, and by playing, they learn everything. 

The child comes to the world with an extraordinary desire for knowledge and learning. Just like a sponge that absorbs everything constantly.

The child grows in any condition and in any environment.

We, as parents, are responsible to offer the child the opportunity and the freedom to experience everything.

The environment in which the child lives puts him in front of challenges he learns alone.

Trying to give children this opportunity, I’ve informed myself as I could, from any source on how to raise free and beautiful people.

At first, I have read all sorts of parenting books, some very good, others based on some old and foolish ideas. I’ve watched a lot of all the parenting sites on the internet, trying to find out what’s best for us.

I reviewed my childhood and chose a new style of raising my children.  Maybe it’s not the best, but it’s my way, based on my instinct.

Meanwhile, I’ve learned to use my instinct, which rarely has misguided me, and that’s because I left myself influenced from the outside.

Most importantly, I have learned to make decisions on the spot, forced by circumstances, without putting anything into balance.

Therefore, let the child discover the environment by himself.

play the best way of learningProvide the environment with safety limits in which to strike and to cry and to experience all phases, to climb and fall and thus to discover the gravitational law. Let him discover his emotions when he laughs or cries.  Let him be aware of his condition, of happiness or sadness, and of his actions.

Thereby, he discovers and learns how to take care of himself. Let him feel the consequences of his actions. Let him take his life into his own hands!

And last but not least, let him play!

Keep it real!
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