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Why babies find it so hard to give up the pacifier?

The pacifier seems to be a controversial topic among parents and doctors.
Why babies find it so hard to give up the pacifier?

Many parents have been wondered about the consequences of using the pacifier. When it’s necessary to use it and why? How long it’s a physiological need?

The point is that toddlers see this as a refuge when they find themselves in difficult moments that they can not cope with. It just simply soothe them.
The same thing happens with the diapers, but this case it’s not concerning babies. It’s the parent’s addiction here. We, parents, are the problem here!

But back to pacifiers now.

Soothing time!

It’s true that when it comes to newborn, the pacifier also has her role. Especially if the baby does not have a quiet sleep. Considering that after birth, when the new mom feels exhausted, physically and mentally, we tend to believe that pacifier is a good thing.

pacifier, soothing time

But what about after one or two years? Is it still about soothing? Is it still justified? Well, it depends on each family. And of every child, of course.

And as we all know that nothing can be done with force, the ideal situation would be for each child to give up the pacifier, alone and willingly. Of course, after relevant explanations of the effects of using the pacifier. But what explanations am I talking about here?
In fact, I personally experienced the entire time my twins used pacifiers.

Twins and the pacifiers

Over those three years and a half, we had a whole story about pacifiers. Pacifiers were all over the house. I’m thinking now that I was the desperate one about all these pacifiers. I was afraid about what might happen. Almost becoming paranoid, I couldn’t think straight.

And not easily I realized that I’m the one who must be convinced that this should end.

Long time I lived with the strange feeling of fear about not having those pacifiers. What was going to happen? Mostly, I was so stressed out, with so many sleepless nights, I was wondering, how are the twins gonna fall asleep without it? How the night will look like?


Anyway, I’ve tried several times to no longer give them the pacifiers and it was a disaster. Imagine two toddlers yelling and crying out of their hearts. It was something that surpassed all my power to overcome and endure. It just defeated me. And then I stopped everything and said “why in the world am I doing this? Why do we struggle so bad, both me and my twins?

This was the moment when I just let things as they were, good or bad. Sure there must be another, more gentle solution.

And here we are!

Kindergarten happened and that made it all!

And so it began a new chapter in their lives. They discovered something new.

They started to socialize with other children and learning many new things.

Something new happened in their lives, and this has redirected their activities and needs.

Bye, bye to pacifier!

And so they gave up the pacifier. Without any other intervention of mine. It was incredible. I could not believe it was so easy. And so I realized that it makes no sense to stress so badly about it. It just happened, naturally.

So, remember one thing, babies will not use pacifiers forever. Like any other thing, it will pass. It’s just a phase in their life and it will pass. Let things go naturally and it will be fine.

What about you? How was your experience? How did your child go through this phase?


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2 Responses
  • Natalie
    Saturday, December 29th, 2018

    Wow, you were lucky i think… I tried radicaly – cold turkey – but it was a disaster. Then I started to search over the internet for some ideas and I found lots of them. I ended up with printed compilation taken from and I was reading all gathered methods there several times to choose the easiest one. My kido is 2 yo but I was not so sure if he would understand things like buying a new toy with his binkies or what so ever. Finaly I choose to combine the three step method, which is just limiting the time of use of the dummy, with triming the tip of the pacifier and somehow after a week or so it was the end 🙂

    • Teodora
      Saturday, January 5th, 2019

      Well, giving up the pacifier is definitely a big challenge. In the end, I think every parent finds a gentle way for this. So better do not rush things, everything settles down on its own way. Thank you!

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