You, the conscious mother, are here because YOU WANT  your child to be happy and free. You want to find your balance between family and career, considering your new status and because time is too precious to pass without any sparkle of joy.

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Nothing taught me more in life than a mother’s posture of twins. Yet, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. 

It is the biggest challenge and the most difficult test of my life.

A mother, a woman need to feel effective, productive and meaningful in their career.

Also as a mother, a woman is the perfect example for her children. 

A woman must have a goal, a very well defined goal in her journey.  Becoming a mother, she realised this is the big challenge. Not her work, not big exams, not a promotion. The mother from every woman realized this is the part of her life when things become very clear. 

She feels she doesn’t need to impress anyone anymore, she says things straight as the way they are, believe that every single day is worth it and should not be wasted. 

Also, a mother needs her time

When the day is about to end, she needs to have her time. The children sleep and now is quiet. What should she do first? Guess what?!? She doesn’t have the slightest idea. But still, she wants her time, just for the fact that day did not end so suddenly. She rest.  And sit down, without anyone interrupt her. Sometimes she needs to cry. Her eyes get wet and some tears cannot stop falling. It’s her way to release tensions. Maybe. Or, something inside her needs to come out. Guilt, frustration, and struggling are finally free to escape. How in the world can she get rid of that creepy guilt, which keeps saying to her mind she’s not good enough? How can she control that? 

On the other hand she the best in controlling her everyday task. The mom, with her little shiny twins, is doing just fine.  She can do it all, all by herself.  She’s used to that. From the beginning, she does it all. She wanted to be this way, to do it all.

A mom is strong when it comes to any decisions and actions. 

However, I can say that life begins to make sense …..