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Why should be crucial the way we treat the single life that is given to us?

What stops us from living our own lives, with kindness, joy, and happiness?

How can we make a change in our life journey, keeping in mind there’s no other chance than now?

I don’t want to become too dramatic here or to make reflections on life and problems, but there are some real things that we should be aware of.

We all go through difficult and challenging moments. There is no family without problems within the relationship, as there is no man without suffering as well.

Life is suffering

Suffering and pain. Otherwise, we didn’t feel like we’re living. How do we go through the problems and pass on? How can we go on and live our lives and learn to enjoy it? Why is it so difficult to get rid of all harmful relationships that stop us from taking what is good from life.

Children bring a lot of joy, for each of us. A creature so gentle and pure can change everyone’s life. Many times our inner problems blind us and we forget how wonderful life is with the children.

Why do we let so overwhelmed by some useless and worthless things and forget what is more important?

How many repeated mistakes do we need to make to wake up and learn how to enjoy what is beautiful and kind?

Beautiful moments pass too quickly and we forget about them. Instead, we get stuck in the heavy moments and we do not make any effort to get out of the chaos we create, to forget and forgive.

Time doesn’t stop and doesn’t wait for us to wake up.

So stop wasting your energy on foolish stuff and learn how to forgive. First, start with you!



Keep it real!
3 Responses
  • Flyingkids
    Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

    What an inspiring article. Beautiful moments pass too quickly indeed. That is why it’s important that we live in the present and cherish all the wonderful feeling and immerse into it.

  • Flyingkids
    Friday, April 20th, 2018

    Such an inspiring post.

    • Teodora
      Friday, April 20th, 2018

      Thank you! Hope will inspire everyone! Good wishes!

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