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Be a friend of your child!

Friends shape our personality in a good way or another.

Having a friend close to you requires commitment and kindness.

Over time, mentalities in raising a child have radically changed.

But unfortunately, there are still traces of past generations, where the child was an insignificant human being, precisely because he is just a baby and he doesn’t know anything… and nothing more!

When the baby is born, he suddenly finds himself in a completely different and strange world.

The child adapts over time depending on how his physiological needs are met.

The mother’s conscious presence and spiritual condition must be in accordance with the baby’s needs. This contributes greatly to its evolution. Of course, there are exceptions. Some children require very little attention, precisely because they are tired of asking their needs.

There is a bad habit of believing that the child doesn’t understand a word of what we are saying. Basically, we underestimate the child’s abilities. Believe me, the baby can do a lot, as much as we think. 

First, treat the child with respect. Do not make fun of him, especially in front of other people, even with good intentions. Do not undermine the child’s self-esteem. 

When your child is in unfamiliar surroundings, with strangers, or when guests come to visit, it is best to leave the baby to discover by himself, when he’ll be ready, at any age. 

Be his friend in any way.

Listen to him when he wants to talk to you and do not judge him. 

Don’t bomb him with no’s and restrictions. Whatever you do, leave everything aside and listen to his words, no matter how foolish they are. 

Talk to him about everything, good and bad, sing and read with him. 

You must have confidence in your child so he can trust you. Do not question his decisions and in any circumstances do not put pressure on him.  

When he will grow up, he will know he finds support in you. And you will be happy that he will see in you the best friend, ever!


Keep it real!
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