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Here we are in 2019. A new year to be creative.

This time is something new. Unlike other beginning of the year, I feel different and NEW. This year is about determination and hard work. I feel confident and grateful. This year is about making decisions without any regrets or doubts, no matter what.

I believe this time is different not just because I’ve changed my opinion about time passing and our perception of passing years, but also what I feel inside. I don’t see passing time as a bad thing. In fact, this could mean prosperity, progress and wealth. Depend on what you want to choose. This year I choose to be creative.

We get richer as time passes, gain new information, meet new people and opportunity. Besides, we learn from mistakes without judging us or feeling guilty. More than that, we learn that feeling sorry for ourselves it’s not getting us anywhere. And last but not least, we learn to embrace every moment, good or bad.

We see our children grow so fast and instead of enjoying this we choose to complain how much we get older. It’s nothing but a big lie. We just keep lying to ourselves. We let such nonsense blind us and not see the most important things in our lives. Actually, getting old means getting wiser. So let’s become this time more creative and be free.


Hence, my 2019 motto is:

“Enjoy your age, no matter what that would be! Love yourself, unconditionally!”

Keep it real!

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