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The charm of a different Christmas with twins

The third Christmas with the twins is about to come.
And this time, a different Christmas!

 by  StartVideo

Why is that so different and special? Well, because changes never stop surprising me and I try to embrace every single change brought by my twins.

I see December as a magical month full of changes.
I can feel the spirit of Christmas. And it’s so good! I forget, at least at the end of the year, everyday problems.

We experience the most significant changes during the holidays, especially in winter holidays.

I discovered a different Christmas since my twins appeared on the scene.

And since is almost here, I can easily say that something changed in me, significantly.

Children come packed with changes. And as a mom to twins, I see things differently through them. With every passing year, this holiday is like a fairy tale and more magical than ever.the charm of a different christmas with twins

Decorating the tree and home while waiting for Santa Clause, the smell of goodies in the kitchen, searching for special gifts for people we love,
the Christmas carols, the winter tea flavors, the magic lights we see all around, we all enjoy it, but especially when we feel the joy of the children around us.
Christmas is the most beloved celebration by kids.

Despite the cold outside and the lack of various play activities, we still find the charm of December. I embrace this again and I try to enjoy their childhood through deep affective connections.

We wrap ourselves in warm softening blankets and read fairy tales in the light of scented candles, listening carols in the background. How lovely!

This is what keeps me going, this warm quietness.

This is what twins brought me.

They gifted me that inner peace, and most, in this Christmas time, I feel so real and fulfilled!

Keep it real!
2 Responses
  • Otilia
    Thursday, December 21st, 2017

    Life is beautiful! And our kids make it even more beautiful. Big kisses and happy Christmas 🎄

    • Teodora
      Thursday, December 21st, 2017

      This is so true Otilia! Happy Christmas to you all! 🙂

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