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Children make time fade away. What is left behind is up to you!

With children, every day passes with the speed of a bullet.

Time does not mean anything now.  Everything we have left to do is to use the present moment, this is all we got, nothing more.

My girl D. and my boy T. have almost 3 years and I have no idea how this time passed.

children make time fade away. What is left behind is up to you

In the 2-3 years stage, children begin talking to each other and communicate with us, the easy-going part and the most beautiful, among other things like the house shakes you like it’s an earthquake.

D. is jumping in bed, upstairs, T. is calling in a yell that he wants to pee, downstairs, and of course, he needs a bit help;

D. is taking a ride in the living room with her bike and not at least T. is crying he can not find his bike so he can make a bike race with his sister, not before trying to rip D.’s bike, while I’m melting down between floors.

And here it all starts! They fill all my days with their overflowing energy.

So this is how it goes on a regular day, with children, when the weather is not with me.

2-3 years is the stage when all your patience and wisdom is tested and the most important time when everything impregnates in their behavior. They learn so fast, good and bad in the same manner. I try to show them what is good and bad and mainly why, with relevant arguments.

Finding new activities for my children, who are more and more independent and they define their own personality, with every single new day, is a big challenge for me.

It’s too damn easy to use all kind of gadgets like phones, notebooks, even TV, and many others, to fill their whole time. They will have it all, for sure, but a little bit later. Although, the partial restriction at all seems to be very hard for me to take it, long-worth the effort and frustration.

So it happens, to found ourselves stuck in the house because some gray clouds decided to stay up high in the sky for some pretty long time and because it’s autumn time with her charm, of course. What can be more fun than that?

So I better find something original for this time, for everyone sake, especially for my mental health.

So let’s be inventive, fun, and natural, as soon as possible

But what about our free days (theoretically) and you think you deserve some time for your own. You’ll have to wait for some years for that :).

However, I often found myself with me, and honestly….I kind of forget how it’s to be just me. I can reset myself very fast and easy. Even though I do all my everyday things in a rush, I even start to sleep in a rush, never knew it’s achievable :))). But about the resting, sleeping and bedtime routine, I’ll tell you more in a new post.

So it’s weekend, and we need to stay inside.


I thought coloring and painting will save the day. The DAY??? What am I saying? They consume any activity in less than 20 minutes, and they have the bad habit to chew it. So better later when they’ll grow. …. so done with that.


What about sorting clothes by the color or the cutlery by pattern, even the dishes? The same! In about 15 minutes it’s done. Even so, it’s still something. All activities end with a play of no longer hearing each other in the house.


Singing and dancing is always a good idea. D. asks for the music to get louder and all of us are in the madness of music and we start to dance that no one can stop us. Thank God that we have kind neighbors. You’ll get tired very quickly but it’s a good way to set a good connection with the children. Certainly, music and dance have never harmed anybody.


Many times I tried to do chores, it works, they enjoy doing adults stuff, but it’s nothing fun in that for me, only when it’s really necessary, otherwise, I get overwhelmed and I’m not in a good shape and not in a very good mood. So do it only when it’s strictly necessary, it can wait. I try to be with them physically and mentally often as I can. Quality is always better than quantity.


I think it’s useless to talk about toys and how long children spend their time with toys when all they wanna own is adult’s stuff. Anyway, toys are ok, but for just a while. 

children make time fade away. What is left behind is up to youchildren make time fade away. What is left behind is up to you

What else to explore in their own house, to be new and attractive at the same time? Did they consume every little corner of the house?
Are there any forbidden places, they didn’t get there?

children make time fade away. What is left behind is up to you

Oh, yes! The more forbidden, the more fun and interesting.
So here we are in the dad’s office 🙂 What a day!
There is nothing they wish they had at that moment, they live at that moment, with no other distraction. Here and now and nothing more!

children make time fade away. What is left behind is up to youI can see their eyes sparkle. They have a joy that can strike any grumpy face. If you can get in their world you will be surprised that you used to be like that once.

We all used to have that joy that nothing and no one could wreck it down.
But we had our time.
Everything has his own delight at its time!

So, seeing how time goes by, seeing them how fast they grow up, I wish nothing more than to enjoy these moments with my whole being, moments I will never meet again.

Keep it real!
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