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3 ways to keep you sane with twins by their 3rd year

Wanna know how to keep you sane, and stay “same sane” with twins?

Consider the fact that you used to be sane before you had twins.

So, let me give you a nice pretty scenario!

At first, let’s pretend you used to be sane, I mean mentally and spiritually sane, of course, and you used to be the most courageous person, capable of doing anything, even moving mountains and nothing could stay in your way. And also pretend you used to have a decent sleep time before the twins came up.

Now, twins are at their 3. After all, it’s a lovely age, I would say. And it is, it really is. Fun is a tiny word to describe it. But I also say, only now, after three years, I can say they have a full night of sleep and I can easily breathe. Finally, the night is mine and she adores me!

And what did I do in all these three years, drowsy and exhausted, to keep myself still and often energized? 


Well, first of all, I reconciled myself. I start to give myself some credit and being the “same sane”. Yes, it took me three years to do that. Or maybe I wouldn’t do that without them or it was something that completed me and happen to be now.


At some point, things just happen, for a reason or not. However, you don’t have to wait three years for raising twins to give yourself some credit.


Find little pleasures in small and innocent things.

stay-sane-with-twins-3rd-yearPhoto by Krista McPhee on Unsplash

Whether you buy yourself simple things desired, or eat sweets of any kind as you wish, while kids sleep, of course, or just do anything that delights your soul, even if it’s trivial like listening to a song that caresses the soul, watching a great movie or just see the sky full of stars in the night, or full of fluffy clouds in the daylight. 


Once and again I think how can I be useful and productive, the brain needs to work, and rest too, otherwise, it’s messing up. At some point, we’ll wonder why we have mental behavior issues. Well, this is a good theory.

stay-sane-with-twins-3rd-yearThe bad thing is we find it hard to rest. We don’t know how to rest, mentally. Just totally clear the mind from any thought. Think of nothing, doing nothing. And this, for at least 5-10 minutes per day, in time with good practice, time may increase. It may seem simple but is so damn difficult, I’ve tried a few times and I screwed up. This is something that can be learned with good techniques.

I can not say that parenting is not something that fulfills you spiritually. It is! And is the happiest time of an adult, among many others, of course.

But it is also overwhelming and full of frustrations and guilt, not to mention those moments when you feel stuck in and nothing and no one can get you out of whatever can be called….anxiety.

Well, this is parenting, in my simple judgment: beautiful, astonishing and hard. 

At the end this here’s a quote from my twins:

– “Love you, mommy! You’re the best in the world!!!

–  Good night kisses!”

Keep it real!
5 Responses
  • hdiakandru
    Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

    I have one year old twins and it sure is a wild ride!!

    • Teodora
      Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

      Ohh, that’s so true and wild! Enjoy your precious moments! Thanks!

  • Flyingkids
    Monday, January 29th, 2018

    Very helpful read. Mommies of twins go through ‘double’ stress and fun. This article makes the stress part easier and fun part better.

    • Teodora
      Saturday, April 14th, 2018

      When you are emotionally fulfilled, you don’t feel the hard part anymore. These two work together. It is what it is! And it’s beyond fun!

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